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Nominees for the Election of National Council of IMS for the term 2018-2020

 Nominations for IMS Young Scientist Award-2014

The society was established in 1956 and was registered on 26 May, 1972 Under the societies Registration Act of 1860 as amended by Punjab Amendment Act 1957 and applicable to the Delhi State. Registration No. of the Society is 5403.

 Objectives of the Society

1. Advancement of Meteorological and allied science in all their aspects

2. Dissemination of the knowledge such science both among the scientific workers and among the public.

3. Promotion of application of Meteorology and allied science to various constructive human activities.

 The society is a non profit making organization and none of its income or assets accrue to the benefit of its members.

 Activities of the Societies

1. To encourage and expand research activity

2. To organize meetings, discussions, symposia, conferences etc.

3. To arrange to publish suitable publication.

4. To promote cooperation in scientific work as far as it may be  practicable between Government department academic and other research institutions, scientific societies and industries.

 The Society Headquarter is located at Delhi [IMS DELHI WEBSITE]  and its local chapter are functional at various places in India.



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